Erikli which was a natural beach magnificent with its sea like an aquarium and sand was located 6km west of İbrice harbour in the periods when Phoenicia trade was performed. Before 1960 when it was zoned for construction, there weren’t any residential unit in this natural area. Because of being close to the residential units, firstly it became a small countryside, then a village and then a small town. “İşçimen family tourism mentality” started with the management of municipality hotel set up in Erikli in 1968 and then İŞÇİMEN HOTEL which went into operation in 1974 fought hard for getting beach Erikli to the today’s position. It took the advertising of Erikli as its own duty so far. It has the title of first touristic certified enterprise of the gulf.

Erikli is not too far for you as it has been thought. It is located 33 km south of the district of Keşan in Edirne which is a centre. It is 260 km away from İstanbul, 120 km away from Edirne, 113 km away from Tekirdağ, 58 km away from border gate in Greece. The furthest place takes 3 hours long way. This natural place which is called as Bodrum of Thrace has the widest beach in Turkey. It is easy to access and friendly environment. Every day in summer there are regular buses to İstanbul Harem and bus terminal, Edirne, Ankara and Bursa in the bus terminal.

The bay of Erikli is located opposite of peninsula Gelibolu. It is possible to go directly opposite by a vessel or a 100 km journey on land route for a historical trip. There is a village called ENEZ at 40 km west where you can watch Greece, ANIOS which was the most popular kingdom of its time lived there. There is an old castle and harbour too. There is no need to talk about Edirne which was a city of princes. It is 150 km away from Erikli.

It takes 1 hour 20 minutes for you to reach Tekirdağ in order to see the historical house of “Rakoczi” who was a Hungarian King. There is a spectacular festival called “Keşan Culture and Tourism Festival” which was organized in the first week of August in Keşan and was transformed to an international platform. Every year teams coming from 30 – 35 countries show a perfect harmony and friendship with music, handicrafts, national dances and entertainments. Moreover, the Gulf of Saros which has started to have proud of being a paradise of diving offers a chance for thousands of people who perform or want to perform this sport. For this reason, Erikli is the only one place where offers touristic services in this area which is inadequate in terms of touristic facilities. According to the statistics, there are 243 different types of sea creatures and it is an unusual gulf in the world which has the feature of self-cleaning so this nature’s wonder becomes more popular day by day.

There is a slogan identified with the workers, and that is;

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