"A 70-Year Taste Adventure" (since 1950)

Our family business life was opened by our father Hasan İşçimen in the early 1950s as a "Bolkepçe Restaurant". In the following times, it opened a second branch in line with the supply and demand.

In 1968, the management of the 78-bed-capacity Municipality Motel started in Erikli, Saros Bay. Based on the experience and experience gained from this, again in the direction of supply and demand, İşçimen Hotel entered the service of local tourism with a capacity of 31 rooms and 68 beds in 1974, when there was no infrastructure (road, water, electricity, etc.) in the Erikli Yali district of Saros Bay. İşçimen Hotel was included in the one-star "Touristic Facility" by the Ministry of Tourism in 1975.

In 1980, "Bolkepçe Restaurant" was transformed into a restaurant management, and an authentic place called Mangal Restaurant, which has been mentioned as a "legend" for years, was put into operation.

According to our expression, our "Touristic Facility" has entered the hairdresser every season based on the understanding of "service to people, material is people" every year, and the tourism investments have been increased in 1987 and 1988, İşçimen Hotel has reached 42 rooms and 84 beds in today's sense by taking advantage of the technological developments required by the age. .

In 1990, Sofram Şarküteri, the first real delicatessen in Keşan, was opened in addition to the legendary Mangal Restaurant, and it was ensured that the Barbecue classic reached more homes.

In the construction sector, which started in 1992, contemporary buildings were produced in its own way, based on the human element, and in 1996 Mangal Restaurant and Sofram Şarküteri stopped its service as a legend to be revived. In the food and beverage industry, which was founded by our father in 1950, as of today, three brothers; While İşçimen Hotel continues with İşçimen Hotel, İşçimen Club (ended its service in 2010), Sofram Restaurant and catering (completed its service in 2010) in the industry, in 2010, in the 60th commercial year of our family, Çorbacızade to the world of taste, and with the phenomenon of keeping our father's name alive again, “Bahçeli Restaurant “and Balıkçızade have added a new understanding. With the latest revisions in 2010, our hotel has risen to the class as "2 *". The İşçimen family, which took Poseidon Water Sports into operation in 2013, put new "concept rooms" into service in 2014.

In the restoration in 2020, the lobby, reception, breakfast room, infrastructure, TV and air conditioning in the rooms entered the season with modernization. Finally, in 2021, room revisions were made within the scope of GTS (Safe Tourism Certificate), and our entire service system was renewed in order to provide you with more hygienic and safer service. A new "Bistro" Concept has been created in the beach area.