The one who cooks fish deliciously is an Artist, not a cook.
             Eating fish at Fish House in İşçimen Hotel causes addiction. You have a unique taste experience in Fish House because of our 60-year experience and also techniques to catch fresh fish in the sea. You start with soup of seafood and put a new face on this unique experience with salad of seafood.

             Some of our sea types are:

* Dusky Grouper
* Swordfish Skewer
* Charcoal Grilled Seasoned Fish Intestines
* Whiting Fish
* Sea Bream
* Two Banded Bream
* Spotted Sea Bass
* Gray Mullet
* Whiting Fish
* Sole Fish
* and other great variety of sea creatures and salads, soups and other various consuming types...

Phone Reservation: +90 284 737 36 65

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